Breast Augmentation Surgery By Women Surgeons

Breast Augmentation by Female Plastic Surgeons

For many of today’s women, one of the biggest and most important questions has to do with breast augmentation. Specifically, they want to know whether it is a good idea and what things they should consider before making such an important and long-lasting decision. The answer is that there is no easy answer. Breast augmentation is a serious, expensive, and time-consuming procedure. Whether it is a good idea for a certain woman is a wholly personal choice that should not be made without plenty of time and contemplation.

One of the most important things to remember prior to deciding on wither breast augmentation or reconstruction surgery is that the implant may not be a one-time shot. These surgeries tend to be very complicated, and even with advanced medical technology, they likely will not last forever. When you make the decision to go with breast augmentation, you are likely obligating yourself to future visits and perhaps additional surgeries down the road. This is important for women who don’t like the uncertainty associated with that kind of life. Those who want the security of knowing that there’s no impending medical issue will likely shy away from augmentation.

Likewise, you should remember the following things as you try to make the most informed decision possible.

The effects of breast augmentation often cannot be undone

One thing to know about breast augmentation and breast surgery in general is that it is not easy to simply revert back to what you were before. Though it is possible to remove breast implants, this will necessarily create many complications. There is a chance that women who have their implants removed will experience cosmetic alterations to their breasts. This is important for those women who believe that they can simply undo the augmentation down the road if they so choose.

Breast implants and pregnancy

One of the things to know about breast implants is that they can have a tangible impact on breast feeding. Women sometimes experience issues producing milk as a result of their augmentation. Likewise, many women feel that augmentation is a good way to prevent the effects of gravity after a pregnancy. Even with implants, though, it is often difficult to prevent the natural sagging that will take place.

Added difficulty with mammography

Every woman need her yearly check-ups in order to make sure nothing bad is brewing under the surface. One of the difficulties associated with augmentation is that it becomes more difficult to get an accurate picture during a mammogram. This means that women with implants have to spend more time and money getting those X-rays and the process takes much longer. Though this is only a small imposition, it is something to weigh against the positives of breast implants for women who are considering their options.

What about health insurance?

There is some debate on what happens to health insurance coverage for women who have gone through augmentation. The answer is that it depends upon the health insurance provider and its policies. Some will raise premiums on women with implants, while others will not. Some will refuse to insure these women or will only agree to partial coverage. Women with implants are viewed as higher risks for certain conditions and this brings about the need for greater insurance scrutiny. The smart move is to always ask your insurance company or prospective insurance company so that you can know how these things will be resolved.

What to ask your surgeon prior to making the decision

For women, one of the keys is asking the right questions. If you want the proper information and you want to make a fully informed decision, then you have to get the information that means the most to you. You should certainly ask about all of the known risks and complications, even considering those things that are “minor”. Likewise, you should ask the doctor whether you are at special risk for certain additional procedures.

Many women want to know how their breasts will look and this is perfectly valid. Since these surgeries are cosmetic in nature, this is something that your surgeon should be able to communicate to you. You will want to make sure that you ask long-term questions, though. How they look right away is generally not at issue. Make sure to ask questions about the future so that you can assess whether the procedure is for you.

Another key concern is what you can do if the process doesn’t go as planned. Ask the board certified plastic surgeon what he is willing to do to make things right and whether there are any safety nets. He can likely provide you with a dedicated care plan for this contingency.

In the end, breast augmentation is something that will work for many women, but won’t be the right choice for others. It has serious, tangible benefits, but there are downsides to be considered as well. Taking all of these factors into account is important for anyone who is thinking about the procedure.